A Bachelor of Computing graduate from one of the private university, Faculty of Computer Science, Department of Information Technologies (2006). When his status still as student, has active in many of activities in campus, such as: College Executive Organization (2002-2003), College Computer Club (2004-2005), and also College Representative of Computer Science Faculty (2005-2006). In the leadership field, he had held an event called College Management and Leadership Training 5 (2006) as Chief Executive. On his journey to get the pathway of successful, he felt that he must help other people to get the successful too. So he decides to spread his knowledge to people that do really need it, as a private teacher, but he put on himself on the context as a study partner (friend), that motivate and encourage them to fulfill their live with the sense of humanity. He prefers educate to teach. Last but not least, he put on trust that every people should bring contribution to this world, including peaceful and happiness to others.


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